Yeelery Jewelry History------In 2010, our team initially consisted of five peopletwo people are knowledgeable about jewelry production, two people understand how to sell jewelry, and one person knows how to work with logistics companies to transport jewelry to customers around the world.
After seven years of hard work, we have grown from a small team into a big group. In 2017, We invested in and built a factory in mainland China. At the same time, we seized the opportunity to sell our products on Amazon.
Amazon YL is our best-selling store, and we also have some slightly less established stores, such as JO WISDOM, Raymard, and FJ. Due to the numerous unreasonable regulations on Amazon, we started creating our own online store at the end of 2023, and named Yeelery. 
Please see our YL trademark in the following images. In this online store, we sell the products already available on Amazon, and at the same time, we price the products lower than on Amazon, because we don't have to pay high fees to Amazon here.
By the way, we can also offer custom services. We mainly produce high-end silver products and gold products,  If you have any questions, please leave us a message.


Natalie, She was invited to Hong Kong exhibition to share her insights on production and design.


Participate in watch exhibition with Chinese partner.


Crafted With Heart

The following video showcases our invested factory in China. For larger orders, we often have them completed there to save costs. Each worker adheres to strict regulations, and every step of the process is supervised by us.

Our Mission

Our talented team of designers and craftsmen work conscientiously to bring each creation to life, from our hearts to yours. We promise to continue creating work of art that express your unique self, capture your unforgettable love story, and celebrate those memorable moments in your life journey.


Environmental Friendly and High-quality Material

Furthermore, we take extreme pride in our craftsmanship and as such, the use of environmentally-conscious materials is just as important as the final product. Whether it's an engagement ring or a birthstone ring, each Yeelery piece is thoughtfully produced from start to finish so you can be assured of your purchases.